How to Research about a Company before an Interview

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You did your part as a job seeker – followed all the rules and sent your application on time. You wait, and pray, and wait. Then the call you are waiting for comes through sending you into an elated victory dance session. Then it hits that this is but the first step, and you need to prepare for the interview. The employer was obviously impressed by your CV, you now only need to convince them that you are the best candidate for this position.

Ensure that every item in the requirement list is present and updated where applicable. Some interviewers use these lists as a way of filtering candidates. You might be qualified and the perfect fit, but they won’t get the chance to meet you, just because you do not have certain required items. It is wise to call ahead of time and explain yourself if you have a legitimate reason why you cannot carry some of the required items to the interview with you.

After taking care of all the required items for the interview, you need to take time and dig deeper into the company’s information. Apart from collecting the obvious information like company products/services, vision, mission and values, go past the information on the company’s website. Learn what reputation the company has in the market and industry. Examine the reviews from external critics and customers to learn what information has been released for public consumption about the company. This gives you a 360-angle view about the company and helps you focus your answers in a meaningful way. Positive reviews about a company makes it more appealing to you, while some negative reviews help you show your interviewer what skills you are going to apply to turn the reviews around. Such information can help you tackle most interview questions like;

Why do you think you are suited for this job? Basing on my research on the role and your company, I have discovered wonderful reviews about your product/service, but the reviews on service delivery were not as good. I have a history of spearheading customer satisfaction rates in my previous companies, and I believe I am your best shot in this.

Why should we hire you? (Answer as above)

Why do you want to join our company? From the positive reviews I researched, I realized that your customers are happy and that you are concerned with making the environment around you a better place. I am highly interested in joining a company that prioritizes their customer experience and is aware of their impact to the environment. Apart from that, my skillset would be a great value add to your company.

Giving such responses in interviews not only gets the attention of the interviewer, it impresses them and gives you an edge above the other candidates. Proper research about a company also empowers you with information that is not common knowledge to most people. Such tidbits like the company’s latest milestone, or their latest big client acquisition etc make you stand out. Your keen interest in the company will greatly astound your interviewers and help you get closer to bagging the job.



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