CV and Cover Letter Writing

An Updated BrighterMonday Profile; Why And When Should I Update My Profile?

Have You Updated Your BrighterMonday Profile? With the stiff competition in today’s labor market, one has to find ways of standing out in order to survive. Uploading one’s CV to our online job portal is not enough! One has to find a way to still stand out from all other attached Cvs which is by […]

How to write a CV: Suitable Cv Templates You Can Use.

What Cv Template Should You Use To Write Your Cv? Quite often, many people do not get the chance to sell their skills in front of an interviewing panel because of the first impression they make. Your Cv is the first thing your future employer looks at and is your pathway to the next step […]

The Best Place to keep your Cv.

Where do you keep your CV? At home in a well kept file? Hidden folder on your computer or on the cloud? (Some people say it’s safer on the cloud). Usually people, who keep their CV in such places, only bring them out when they have an interview. That’s when they also remember to update […]

How to Write and Send a Cover Letter

Most employers make it a compulsory requirement that interested candidates send them a CV and a Cover letter. A cover letter is an important document that supports a candidate’s CV in giving a potential employer more important information about the candidate. Regrettably, most candidates do not understand the value of a Cover letter. Worst still, […]

The 7 seconds of CV Reading

Owing to the ever-increasing number of job seekers, the job market has become highly competitive. A single advertisement on job sites and company websites can elicit over 150 applications from eager candidates. Some industries are highly popular and they possess low barriers of entry e.g. sales. Such industries might receive over 300 applications for a […]