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How To Find Your Dream Job Using A Chatbot

Why you should subscribe to this smart friend Finding a job can be hard but with innovative technologies, the process of looking for and finding a job has been made easier and faster than before. BrighterMonday, your career and recruitment partner has unveiled a Facebook Messenger chatbot which helps you find available job opportunities through […]

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10 Best Apps to Help You Grow Your Career

Grow your career with incredible apps Welcome to the digital revolution. The world of possibilities courtesy of apps. There are millions of apps in the world right now and more are being churned out by the minute. This only makes your life easier because you might just get an app to help you drown the […]

Work-Life Balance; Is It Possible To Balance Life And Work?

How to strike a balance between life and work Today, being able to balance life at work and outside work is becoming almost an impossibility. This could be blamed on the scarcity of jobs forcing many people in the workforce to dedicate their lives to their work in fear of losing it,as well as technological […]

Career Women; Tips You Need To Soar In Your Career

Career And Business Tips Women Need To Succeed Despite the fact that more women are in the workforce than there were before, the ratio of men pursuing careers and business continues to remain higher compared to that of women. This could be attributed to the fact that women seem to be faced with more challenges […]

Unemployment in Uganda; how to survive the scourge

Tips on how to beat the unemployment scourge Unemployment in Uganda is at an estimated rate of 80% and affects both fresh graduates and other entry-level job seekers. Take an example of Jane who graduated with a second class upper degree and envisioned herself having a job right after campus. Unfortunately, this has not been […]

Ways You Never Knew Social Media Affects Your Job Search.

How Social Media Can Impact on Your Job Search. The use of social media has become a fast growing trend in both business and people’s personal lives today. From easing communication to helping business brands to grow their presence, social media has also helped job seekers to find their dream jobs. With many companies frequently […]

12 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Career Path.

Choosing A Career Path. Choosing the right career path is one of those situations that is very confusing and nerve-wracking. Apart from your own ideas of what you would want to do in the next 40 years, there are people in your life who feel they know better and seek to advise you on which […]

Performance Appraisals; Successfully Prepare for One.

Successfully Prepare For Your Next Performance Appraisal. Performance appraisals are one of those much-dreaded meetings for any employee. However, they need not be a scary experience for you. Preparation is the secret! If one has prepared well for their performance appraisal, they are not only relaxed during the whole process but are at a higher […]

Preparing For Your Career What Does It Entail.

What secret is the best for getting a job? It is almost certain that most of the readers on this blog are looking for a “Secret” to finding jobs without stress. In fact, chances are that you are reading this because you are looking for that “Secret”.  Marketing professional relish the term secret because it […]

How To Find a Job When You Don’t Have Any Experience.

One of the most frustrating situations a job seeker can find themselves in is when they’re told that they don’t have enough experience for the role. Sigh… I’ve been there; maybe we all have at some stage. It’s very discouraging as it’s hard to get experience if no one is prepared to take a chance […]