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Effectively Dealing With Stress At Work.

How To Handle Stress Appropriately At Work. With high demands and targets to meet, stress is one of those constant conditions that cannot be avoided in any workplace. Although this condition could be considered normal and often drives people to meet their targets at work, excessive stress can be detrimental both to one’s health and […]

Conflict Resolution: How To Resolve Workplace Conflicts.

What Causes Workplace Conflict and How To Handle it. Workplace conflict can be defined as a disagreement in opinions, interests or ideas between colleagues at work. Different people from diverse backgrounds in the workplace is a recipe for conflict. In fact, one can say conflict can really not be avoided. How one handles it can […]

Salary Increase: How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise.

When and How You To Request For A Salary Increase. You have diligently served the organization you are working for, and genuinely feel it’s time your employer notices your hard work and increases your salary. However, he does not seem to think about the issue or bring it up. What do you do? Well, you […]

What Is The ReadytoWork Program All about?

Find Out More About The ReadtoWork Program.  Barclays Bank Uganda recently launched the, “ReadytoWork” program which is a free online platform through which Secondary School/University/College students and graduates will have the opportunity of building the skills they need to make a smooth transition into the working world, and improve their employability or self-employability prospects. We […]

Labor Exploitation: Could you be a Victim of Modern Slavery?

Are You Being Exploited At Your Workplace? Recently, Medical interns all over Uganda joined hands to protest against a new government policy proposing that private students would not be provided any allowances during their internship placements.  The students that equated themselves to “slaves” and the conditions they had to work in extremely, “poor”, stressed that […]

How to effectively deal with challenging clients

Challenging clients; who are they and how to deal with them In every business, dealing with challenging clients can pose a serious problem if not carefully handled. In the course of doing business, you are bound to face clients with different personalities. Some of them will include difficult clients who can have a positive or […]

Office Gossip: Handling this Tricky Work Situation.

How To Handle Office Gossip.  Office gossip is one of those situations at any workplace that cannot be avoided and may have some positive effects. However, this situation can sometimes come with many detrimental effects. While it may sometimes, be a source of entertainment and way to spice up the very monotonous work life, it […]