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How To Find Your Dream Job Using A Chatbot

Why you should subscribe to this smart friend Finding a job can be hard but with innovative technologies, the process of looking for and finding a job has been made easier and faster than before. BrighterMonday, your career and recruitment partner has unveiled a Facebook Messenger chatbot which helps you find available job opportunities through […]

10 Best Apps to Help You Grow Your Career

Grow your career with incredible apps Welcome to the digital revolution. The world of possibilities courtesy of apps. There are millions of apps in the world right now and more are being churned out by the minute. This only makes your life easier because you might just get an app to help you drown the […]

Aptitude tests and how you can prepare for them

What aptitude tests are all about? Aptitude tests are some of the most common interview tests job seekers encounter today. Knowing how to prepare for them sets you apart from your competition. In almost every recruitment process, written interviews often precede oral interviews and are considered a very important step in selecting potential candidates for […]

Effective Communication Skills You Need At Work.

Communicate Effectively At Your Workplace. Communication has the power to either break or make an organization. This, therefore, makes effective communication skills very important in any workplace. Successful communication does not just focus on the words one uses, but also the emotions, body language, facial expression and gestures they use as well as the purpose […]