Habits That Help To Advance Your Career in 2019

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advance your career

Most people work so hard to get a good job so as to improve both their work and life. However, what happens once you get one and settle in? Many of us fail to realise that constant need for improvement is essential if you intend to advance your career. In 2019, getting that employment should not be the end, do more than just get to the office and complete tasks every day. The following pointers explain how to advance your career, which if followed, would help one figure out how to go up that career ladder.

Know Your Mission

advance your career

Knowing your goals and objectives, creating a plan and sticking to accomplishing them will definitely steer you to the right career path. It is easier to advance when you choose the right career path to accomplish your dreams. Establishing a defined plan and timeline for your goals can help an individual keep on track. Every decision made should be towards the achievement of that particular idea. For instance, if you intend to attain a managerial position in your career space, knowing the responsibilities of a manager should define your everyday work life as you strive towards that goal.

Find Balance Between Work And Life

Work and no rest can be as detrimental to your career plans as entirely as lack of the plans would be. To successfully advance your career, create a balance between your work in the office and your life outside the office. Some people are scared to advance to better opportunities as they feel useless outside their workspace. They, therefore, fail to take any risks that may help improve their own careers.


advance your career

Get involved with other people, not necessarily those with the same goals as you. Try to broaden your skills through building relationships with people from industries different from yours. You stand to gain new and innovative ideas from having a perspective from an industry different from yours. Know more people who can positively impact your career growth and work on gaining the most.

Get The Right Mentor

advance your career

Finding someone who believes in your efforts is a step towards your successful career growth. Once you have established a vibrant and reliable connection with your mentor, sharing your ideas with them can help you gain insightful information and direction that will help you advance your career. Seeking feedback from them enables you to learn what is drawing you back and work out ways of improving that.

Improve Your Skills

Be willing to learn something new every day. Participate in training, get involved in team building activities, tag along with those attending career fairs and exhibitions. Getting a management course can be an efficient way to improve your skills in management. This can ultimately lead to your preparation for more responsibilities in your career. New skills can be as simple as getting the right career apps to help you grow. 

As 2019 progresses, finding new ways to advance your career can be one way of improving as well as giving the satisfaction of completing tasks in given timelines. So this year, try to make these habits part of your work routine and be assured of better results in your career and work satisfaction as a whole.

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